Tri-ang Minic Narrowgauge Railway

TMNR as is was known, was a short lived product made by the world famous Tri-ang company based in Kent in the United Kingdom. It was, in effect, a giant train set similar to Tri-ang's OO and TT3 products but for use in the garden and running on 101/4" gauge track.

In many ways a quite amazing product - a mass produced, mass market miniature sit-in railway - but one which was short lived, being sold only in the late 1960s before it was deemed too unprofitable to continue with.

This web site details the restoration of several items of TMNR stock, their modification to make use of 21st Century technology and their day to day use on the privately owned LLLR in Sussex.

What this site is not is a general history of the product, which is covered in excellent detail on the 'official' TMNR site run by the dedicated restorationist, Mike Slater. Pop along for a visit and look at joining the TMNR Society!


Published on  April 10th, 2017